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Infant Aquatic Survival Program

Infants or non-walkers can accomplish:

  • Breath holding in the water
  • Floating on their back indefinitely fully clothed
  • Swimming with their faces in the water


  • Same as infants, plus flip on their belly to keep swimming after floating.

Little children:

  • Same as toddlers, plus swim longer distances and start using their arms.

Children 4 and up:

  • Same as little children plus introduction to strokes.

Safety is our main concern! This program is for children of all ages starting at 6 months. All new students, as well as babies who are joining again, must go through this program before moving up to our other lessons.

One or both parents are invited in the pool the first day of lessons.

Lessons are Monday through Thursday.

The program lasts 24 sessions.

In a regular course children come in the water once a day for 6 weeks. In an intensive course they come in the water twice a day for 3 weeks.

$528* + registration

All lessons are one-on-one.

At the end of the program, the instructor will assess if the child needs up to 4 more lessons free of charge before moving to other programs. This offer is only valid with 100% attendance.

Additional lessons to these 4 lessons have a price of $88* per regular week (4 lessons).

*Prices are subject to change.