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Claudia (Mex)

Ana Karina

Training and Certifications:

My name is Claudia Montemayor. Since I was little, my life has been closely linked to water. I love being in it and around it: oceans, lakes, ponds and pools. I also have had the opportunity to spend most of my vacations close to water, have a pool at home and be part of a local swim team.

Because of all this, I have always found unfortunate when I know about someone that does not know how to swim, or see people afraid or unsure of themselves around water. They miss so many things because of this!

In 2013, Ana asked me to join the ENAI Team. Ana and I have been friends since we were little, and I witnessed her own process of training and then starting her own swim school in Monterrey, then in Louisiana. I always believed in her vision without even knowing much about survival swimming. The enjoyment of water is great, but the security and confidence of anyone, young or old, in and around water, is a must for me.

I started out helping Chelo, our other team member, in lessons. That is when I understood the value of survival swimming and the effectiveness of Infant Aquatic’s teaching method. That is when I also understood the importance of developing these skills at a young age. I remember thinking “THIS is the way to learn! How can there be any other way?”

With time and having taught lessons to more than 70 kids, this idea has become stronger.

I feel fortunate to be a part of ENAI and to be able to share my love and passion of being and enjoying water, but specially, of being able to contribute to children’s safety in it and around it.