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Chelo (Mex)

Ana Karina

Training and Certifications:

  • Training as ENAI instructor
  • American Heart Association CPR
  • American Heart Association First Aids
  • Trained by "Swimming with autism"

Hi, my name is Maria Consuelo Valenzuela I have been offering the Swimming and Survival Swimming lessons in the area of Monterrey, Mexico since 2012.

My childhood was always related with water, for me no vacation was ever complete or fun if it didn’t include a swimming pool. I learned to swim very young and because of that I had a chance to enjoy every pool I visited. During adolescence I had a chance to master my technique and practice swimming as a sport discipline.

Every summer during college I worked at a swimming teacher for kids using the traditional method, I had kids of all ages, from 3 months old to 10 years of age; those were 5 years that I truly enjoyed. My philosophy, which I always shared with the parents of my students has always been: “it is extremely important that children learn to swim. First and most importantly for safety reasons, second for fun and recreation, and third if the child wants to continue with this discipline as a sport.”

In 2010 I contacted ENAI and the Self Rescue method, and now as a mom I thought, “well this is true safety”, it’s like buying life insurance! I signed up my oldest daughter with Ana Karina and I found the method very interesting as well as the results. We talked during the course and she told me she had to leave the country for personal reasons, I was looking to quit my job for personal reasons as well.

It took us a year to finish adjusting the details and here we are, I am very happy and I am looking forward to this project, wishing to grow ENAI and have more happy kids and more parents that feel safe with their kids around water. Please visit our website so you can take a look to our pictures, videos and FAQ, and make sure to contact me if you have any questions I will be glad to answer them.