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Ana Karina (USA)

Ana Karina

Training and Certifications:

Certified Infant Aquatics Instructor
CPR and First Aids
Certified YMCA Life Guard
Trained by "Swimming With Autism"

Hi, my name is Ana Karina Cárdenas and I am the owner and instructor at ENAI SWIM.

In 2008, I received a forwarded email with a video showing a little boy capable of floating on his back and saving himself from drowning. I was speechless. I immediately started investigating where the boy had learned such skills; where were these lessons taking place? But there wasn't any instructor around.

I had a big surprise while visiting a good friend in Dallas, TX, when she asked me to go with her to her son's swimming class. We walked into the back yard of his instructor, Beverly Steinfink, and when my friend's son was put in the water, my eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing. Santiago (who was then 1 year old) was learning to float on his back, reach the side of the pool without help, fully clothed.

I stayed until the end of the lesson to talk to the instructor. I was amazed by her résumé. She had more than 20 years experience teaching this technique, and almost as many years training instructors. She told me this program not only develops survival skills for babies but also swimming skills for kids up to 6 years of age. She invited me to be part of her program, Infant Aquatics, and after some months of thought I accepted. I quit a great steady job to begin my own career.

A few months later, I went back to Dallas to begin my training. I completed 220 hours of academic study (covering psychology, physiology, swimming theories from various swimming instructors, etc); 135 hours of in water training, and I was able to help more than 15 children master their swim/float/swim.

I went home to Mexico to start ENAI: Escuela de Natación y Autorescate Infantil (Swimming and Self Rescue School for Infants). ENAI was the first school in Monterrey to offer not only swimming lessons but also a complete self rescue program for children as young as 6 months old.

In 2010 I moved to Thibodaux, LA. Fate is allowing ENAI to grow! I had the opportunity to bring my business with me to the USA and blessed to find extraordinary people to leave my business taken care of. All of my instructors are highly trained to offer the best swimming lessons. I am proud to say that ENAI SWIM is an international swim school!

I am certified by "Infant Aquatics" as an instructor and by "American Heart Association" for CPR and First Aid, and am very proud to be the first instructor trained by Infant Aquatics to bring this program to Louisiana.
I invite you to take a moment to visit our site and watch the pictures and videos, as well as our FAQ. Please contact me for any other questions you may have.
I hope to meet you soon!