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Wendy (USA)

Ana Karina

Training and Certifications:

Hi! I’m Wendy Gautreaux Harlan.

I grew up with a pool in my yard, and I don’t remember a summer when I wasn’t in it. At 10 years old I joined Louisiana’s only competitive synchronized swimming team, the Houma Dolphinettes. I swam with them year round for the next 8 years. When I was 15, I started teaching swimming lessons during the summers in my home pool using the traditional method. I did this for many summers, until I graduated from college.

After my twins (Audrey & Andrew) were born in the winter of 2009 I couldn’t wait to put them in the pool, but I was nervous about it also. My Dad was the Fire Chief my whole life and I was a Volunteer Firefighter and First Responder for almost 15 years. It was all too often we were called out to an accidental drowning. In March of 2011 I picked up a local magazine and inside was an article about ENAI: Swimming and Survival Skills Lessons…for Infants! I thought: “Seriously! I want my kids to learn this! I knew this was exactly what Andrew (he has no fear) and Audrey needed, and exactly what I was looking for.” I contacted Ana and signed them up. At 18 months old my babies learned to swim and float on their own, in less than 6 weeks! It was amazing! I have signed my kids up for practice sessions every summer since then.

At the end of 2013 I was honored to be selected by Ana to be trained as her staff. It is amazing working with the children, seeing them learn and start to have fun in the water! I love it!