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Frequently Asked Questions

A. ENAI SWIM is the only swim school in Louisiana that offers the Infant Aquatics Survival program. Your child will learn much more than swimming, he will learn survival swimming skills that he can use to save his life in case of a water accident.

Q. How long will it take my child to learn?
A. Every child learns at his own pace just as other skills (walking, talking, etc). On average, children learn in 20 to 24 lessons.

Q. 10 minutes only? What can a child learn in 10 minutes?
A. All lessons are one-on-one, intensive, and require effort from the child who by nature is not used to these type of exercises. With short, constant repetitions, we get better results than other programs who offer longer lessons fewer times a week, where children usually wait for their turn by the side of the pool.

Q. What is the parent’s role during lessons?

A. Only the instructor and the child are in the water. Parents should wait in the waiting area pointed by the instructor. It is important that Mom and/or Dad are invited to come in the water the first days so the child will have a fun time relating to the instructor. After a bond between the instructor and the child is formed, the child comes in alone and parents should wait in the area appointed by the instructor.

During the time of the child’s lessons, mom and dad must give positive reinforcement at home. It is important for the child to feel support from parents. When the child has completed his learning, Mom and/or Dad are invited in the water again to understand what the child has learned. The video on the left shows the last day of the Infant Aquatics program where mom and dad came in to swim with Kate.

Q. Will my child cry?

R. This is a video of a child who cried during the program but still loved the water and was a happy swimmer at the end.

Do not panic if your child cries during the lessons. Learning how to swim is not like anything they have experienced before. It does not feel like learning how to walk, eat, talk... They are surrounded by water and they are not with mommy! It is important for you to trust the instructor and follow her instructions. At the end of the program, when mom and/or dad come in the water again, kids realize all they've learned is something fun to do with mom and dad!