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Advice to parents

Drowning is a serious public safety problem. We wish to offer advice to all parents to keep safety in and around water: NEVER leave a child alone when there is water around. No matter if you have taken classes in ENAI SWIM or elsewhere.


Do not use flotation devices; they give a false sense of security. Used to floating, (when taken off) a child may jump in the water and not know how to react. Also, flotation devices give children the habit of swimming vertically with their heads outside the water. This will cause a delay on learning how to effectively swim horizontally.

Swimming lessons should only be one of many precautions taken.

If you have a backyard pool, please:

  • Learn how to swim, make sure your kids know how to swim, too.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Have your swimming pool fenced with a locking gate that closes automatically.
  • The fence door should open towards the outside so a child won’t be able to push it and open it.
  • The fence should be at least 60 inches high.
  • The door’s lock must be on the top, unreachable to children.
  • Install door alarms.
  • Install a safety net over the pool and a pool alarm.
  • There should be a lifebuoy installed close not meant for play but for use in case of an emergency.
  • Remove all the toys from the pool area at the end of the day to avoid attracting children.
  • Have a phone always available for emergencies, and emergency numbers at hand.
  • Never swim alone.

Tips in case of social gatherings in pool:

  • Assign an adult as the water watcher. It may be two adults that take turns, but not two adults at the same time. (Accidents happen when someone thinks there is another person watching). This person must have his attention 100% on the pool, count the number of people in the water constantly.
  • Avoid diving, jumping, pushing and other roughhousing.